Review Criteria

The quality of research is evaluated by the quality of the journal where results are published and by the number of citations. Recently, citations are becoming more important. Increased citations are helping both authors and the journal. A technically correct manuscript is not sufficient reason for its acceptance; a likelihood of citations must be considered.

It is important that the authors show a good recognition of the state-of-the-art in the subject area. We will usually expect a minimum of 10 references, primarily to recent journal papers. Citations of textbooks and web pages should be used very rarely. In order to verify if the IEMJ is the right journal for manuscript submission authors may check if they can link their finding to other work published in the IEMJ.

Estimate the interest of readers

  • Is the described subject of current interest to IEMJ readers?
  • Is the title interesting and adequate?
  • Is the abstract exciting?
  • Is the length of manuscript adequate?
  • Is the manuscript clearly written?


The plagiarising author can only count on very short term “gain” because within a year or two the fact of plagiarism will become common knowledge and the consequences will be severe. With search engines available on the web it is much easier to detect unacknowledged copying of original text.