Integrated Infrastructure Systems for Future-Ready Cities

  • Yong Kwet Yew National University of Singapore
Keywords: Integrated Infrastructure Systems


Cities are complex large-scale systems of which water and transport systems are as critical as the fragility of the aging urban centres. A Future-ready city would require a total review of the integration of residential, commercial and transport systems and provide better access to health-care and transport for the elderly. The new norm which is already happening is to build new intelligent buildings, fully integrated with a seamless public transport system to meet commercial, residential and recreational needs. These combined structures should make optimal use of both underground and aerial space in compact cities.
Cities around the world are also exploiting innovations in information technologies and data sciences to create the Digital or Smart City of the future. E-commerce, tele-commuting, wireless communication and data-driven decision making are changing the way we work and our lifestyle. The infrastructure of the Future-ready city will need to adapt to these changes and be designed to maximize the productivity benefits of these technologies. At the same time these information technologies offer opportunity to improve the planning, design, management and operation of the city infrastructure in an integrated and efficient manner. An intelligent and integrated transportation infrastructure powered by an info-structure is becoming a reality.
Every Future-ready city must have a climate resilient action plan to address warmer weather, heavier rainfall, prolonged dry spell and rising sea-levels that can cause significant damage to home and businesses. Rebuilding and enhancing urban infrastructure faces problems beyond the search for engineering solutions. Spending on infrastructure projects has been grossly inadequate, and policies and political barriers must be addressed and overcome. A city that stops investing in its infrastructure takes the first step toward decline

Author Biography

Yong Kwet Yew, National University of Singapore


Senior Vice President(Campus Infrastructure)

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

National University of Singapore

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