Performance Evaluation of Asphalt Concrete Using Waste Blister Pack As Additive


  • Rocksana Akter Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, DUET, Gazipur



Waste blister pack, Marshall properties, Optimum asphalt content


Disposal of that large amount of wastes especially non-decaying waste materials become a problem of great concern in developed as well as in developing countries. Recycling waste into useful products is considered to be one of the most sustainable solutions for this problem. Among blister packs is one of them which are being produced in the large amount over the world. In this study waste, blister pack was used in asphalt concrete as an additive to enhance the properties of asphalt concrete. For this purpose, four different serial asphalt concrete samples were produced using shredded waste blister pack in different proportions (0%, 0.25%, 0.50%, and 0.75% by weight of total aggregate and five different percentages of asphalt (4.5%, 5.0%, 5.5%, 6.0% and 6.5% by weight of total aggregate). It has been found that using 0.5% additive has given more satisfactory results than others and also showed the highest stability. It was also observed that the optimum asphalt content has been decreased when increasing the percentage of the waste blister pack.




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Akter, R. (2022). Performance Evaluation of Asphalt Concrete Using Waste Blister Pack As Additive. The Journal of The Institution of Engineers Malaysia, 82(1).