Debottlenecking of the Integrated Biomass Network with Sustainability Index in Malaysia


  • Yeoh Tze Tin University of Nottingham Malaysia
  • Tan Tiong Kean University of Nottingham Malaysia
  • Chong Kok Hui University of Nottingham Malaysia
  • Ganga Devi A/P Ponniah University of Nottingham Malaysia
  • Lam Hon Loong University of Nottingham Malaysia



Biomass Network, Oil Palm Biomass, Sustainability Index


The world has grown large interest towards the biomass industry but there are many challenges that forbid the commercialization of biomass conversion technologies. The underutilized biomass in Malaysia proves that optimisation of individual processes  is no longer suficient to introduce advancement or breakthrough in the biomass industry. This research paper aims to irstly identify several bottlenecks or challenges that have been hampering the development of the biomass utilization at any stage of the biomass network, and secondly to debottleneck using sustainability index and P-graph. The integration of sustainability index into the biomass network for debottlenecking is a novel approach in this research paper. This research will help in the development of the nation’s biomass utilization and industry by using debottlenecking approaches to expand the biomass industry and unlock the potential of underutilized biomass.




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Yeoh Tze Tin, Tan Tiong Kean, Chong Kok Hui, Ganga Devi A/P Ponniah, & Lam Hon Loong. (2017). Debottlenecking of the Integrated Biomass Network with Sustainability Index in Malaysia. The Journal of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia, 78(1).