IOT Platform for Vital Signs Detection Using Node Microcontroller


  • Sinan S. Mohammed Sheet
  • Mohammed S. Jarjess
  • Abdullah K. Shanshal
  • Fatin Ahmed Mohammed Elhaj



Vital Signs, Microcontrollers, Blynk platform, Internet of Things


It is possibly possible to stop the spread of the coronavirus by utilizing IoT technology to monitor the vital signs of patients. As a consequence, a proposal has been developed for an efficient and affordable remote monitoring system that measures vital signs. This system makes use of a temperature sensor, a dual heart rate and oxygen level sensor, a temperature sensor, two microcontrollers, a UNO as a power supply, and a Node as the main controller. The vital signs are monitored in a non-invasive manner using photoplethysmography technique, and the information is transmitted wirelessly to the individual involved via the Blynk platform, making use of a Wi-Fi device. It also demonstrates how the system can connect to the internet anywhere in the world, which enables its utilization in a variety of clinical trials.




How to Cite

Mohammed Sheet, S. S., Jarjess, M. S., Shanshal, A. K., & Mohammed Elhaj, F. A. (2023). IOT Platform for Vital Signs Detection Using Node Microcontroller. The Journal of The Institution of Engineers Malaysia, 83(1).