An Agrolink Ecosystem Through An Information Toolbox Approach


  • Nyuk Mee Voo Tunku Abdul Rahman University College



Agricultural ecosystem, Information toolbox, Food supply chain


Malaysia agricultural sector has been severely affected by the pandemic, as a result, the Agri-food supply chain has been disrupted since early 2020. The problems of labor shortages, reduced productions, restricted movement, and market closures have all led to a dramatic drop in income or even zero-income specially for smallholder farmers. The agri-food supply chain needs to be strengthened through a tighten collaboration between supply chain stakeholders in the sector. Technology always solves most problems; data can be collected through technological solutions such as the Internet of Things, market insights can be achieved through artificial intelligence analysis and forecasting, and so on. The paper focuses on introducing an Agrolink ecosystem through an information toolbox approach. It is an aggregator of the information resources connecting all elements of the agri-food supply chain in Malaysia, which accessible by farmers, producers, service providers of the supply chain (including processing, logistics, finance, retail, etc.), agri-food associations, government agencies, and educational and research institutions.




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Voo, N. M. (2022). An Agrolink Ecosystem Through An Information Toolbox Approach. The Journal of The Institution of Engineers Malaysia, 82(3).