To ensure a high-quality and comprehensive reviewing process for the IEM Journal, we sincerely request that all reviewers:

 to read carefully the full text of the article, as well as all associated figures, tables, data, and appendixes;

 to review the article thoroughly and produce a comprehensive report on the content of the article, including individual points of view;

 to provide specific comments, which contain all details with references where appropriate;  to ensure comments focus on the scientific content of the article and avoid derogatory comments;

 to include any concerns or criticisms of the review in a constructive and respectful manner; and

 to complete within a given deadline, normally two weeks for each round of reviewing process.

General Guideline for IEM Journal Reviewer

1. Reviewer will be assigned to an article and will be given 2 weeks to provide a high-quality review of the article. The comments given by the reviewer must be specific, very thorough, and constructive in the criticism to help improve the article.

2. Author will receive the reviewer’s comments and will need to submit the revision within 2 weeks' time.

3. After the author has submitted the revised version, the same reviewer will be assigned for a 2nd round of reviewing process. The reviewer is given 2 weeks to go through again and complete the reviewing process to secure the incentive of RM150. The reviewer must make sure the author has revised the article based on the suggestions given in the 1st round of reviewing process and additionally, the reviewer has to make a final decision on whether to accept or reject the final article to complete the reviewing process.


*An amount of RM150 as an incentive will be given to the reviewer for successfully completing and providing a high-quality reviewing process based on the IEM Journal Reviewing Guideline.

**Failure to follow through with the given deadline will result in the loss of the reviewer’s incentive of RM150*.